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Decks & Pergolas
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Decks & Pergolas
Wanted to make the most of your external spaces? Talk to Immanuel Homes...
Contact Immanuel Homes any time to find out more or to arrange a cost and obligation free discussion and quote.
Immanuel Homes are experts in all aspects of outdoor building and carpentry. And they understand how Decks and Pergolas can add greatly to the usablity, appearance and value of your home. Decking extends the living areas of your home providing increased spaces for leisure and entertainment, whilst adding to the homes visual appeal. Pergolas also extend the living areas of your home and offer year ‘round comfort and shelter. Immanuel Homes can also look after all the related works such as stairs, ballustrading etc. From ‘conventional’ styles through to custom ‘one-off’ designs Immanuel Homes can do it all. They offer an extensive range of timbers, finishes and options for you to choose from.